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Tag: "corruption behind the badge"

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Law Enforcement Corruption

Corruption Behind The Badge, takes the issue of America’s current double-standard law enforcement practices head on. The author divulges, in a very unique historical fact based style, four very distinct and troubling areas where police nationwide sidestep the laws they are sworn to uphold. Evidence is provided throughout the book, proving all too often, police are not held accountable for their sometimes blatant violation of the law in the same manner as the rest of the nation.

If murder of unarmed citizens, rape and sexual assault of women and girls, cramming our overflowing local jails to fleece men and women of their money, even though they have committed no real crime, and the often unwarranted destruction of our beloved pets by police enrages you, then this book is a must read for you. It truly is the book law enforcement doesn’t want you to read!

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